Trinity College Nabbingo


Trinity College Nabbingo was founded in 1942 by the White Fathers, who are affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church. TRICONA was established, having realized that the secondary education of Catholic girls needed to be addressed as wel.

Trinity College Nabbingo | TRICONA is located on a hill in the village of Nabbingo, in Wakiso District. This location lies approximately 12 kilometres (7.5 mi), by road, southwest of Kampala, Uganda’s capital and largest city. This location lies off the Kampala-Masaka Highway.
Trinity College Nabbingo | TRICONA is an all-girls boarding secondary school covering grades 8 -13 in Central Uganda.
Trinity College Nabbingo Objectives.

The objectives were to produce educated women who are “morally upright”, “academically sound”, “socially and physically capable” of serving God and their country.

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Trinity College Nabbingo | TRICONA school mission is to produce a focused, upright, academically sounds, skilled, socially balanced and physically capable women to serve God and their country. 


The school has built a new, larger and more advanced laboratory, new and larger classes for senior two(the two buildings are storied. has removed most of the asbestos that covered the roofs of most buildings to ensure good student health, has put escape roots on most dormitories and fire extinguishers for safety in case of fires.

Trinity College Nabbingo has constructed a more advanced sports field adding lawn tennis, basket ball coat, wood ball coat as well as football coats. it has also bought a new bus to better students’ academic and social life. the school has also renovated most of the old buildings and has made them anew and planted lots of trees