Trinity College Nabbingo

Message from the Headteacher

Wellcome to Trinity College Nabbingo

Founded by the Catholic Church, Trinity College Nabbingo  was always intended to be an innovative school, a place where every programmatic decision is based on the current research about how girls learn, develop, and thrive.

As a contemporary girls’ school, Trinity College Nabbingo’s mission is “to produce women who are morally upright, academically sound and socially balanced and physically capable” by educating the future female leaders of this country in an environment that is at once ambitious and joyful.

Visitors to our campus often remark how happy and friendly our girls are. They are unusually poised and stunningly confident. To my mind, the more important thing to note is the competence underlying that confidence. Regardless of her background, talents, or plans for the future, a TCN girl gains mastery of core competencies essential for success in the 21st century world.

This outcome shapes the path our graduates will take for the rest of their lives. When asked to reflect on the impact their education has had, our alumni invariably trace who they become and what they achieve directly back to their transformative experiences at TCN.

You are warmly welcome.

Nassozi Lwanga Immaculate (Mrs)