Trinity College Nabbingo

African Headteachers

In 1971 the Canonesses of St. Augustine Sisters left the country and handed over the administration of the college to the first Ugandan Headmistress Mrs. Margaret Mary Nakatudde Nsereko. This period was beset with challenges of the Amin Military era and general political, economic and social upheaval. At the same time the period was the school enrollment rise to unprecedented level. There were administrative challenges characteristic of institutional expansion amidst limited resources. This was caused by the so-called economic war declared by Amin’s government. In additional the College suffered the successive traumas of the 1979 and 1986 liberation wars. It was also the era that saw the formation of Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) aimed at creating synergy to propel the College through the mounting challenges which required cohesive efforts of the parents and teachers to keep the college afloat. This association has since then developed into a formidable organ of the College. Mrs. Nsereko’s term cut across the civil wars of the times.

During the Post-war period 1987.

Mrs. Theopista Yiga assumed headship as the College up to 2002. She was the second Uganda Headteacher. Her term saw a number of reforms and changes being made including the College Anthem to the new one which is sung up to today, meanwhile, The College continued to grow from strength to strength.

The Third black Headteacher was Ow’ek Nakate Chotilda Kikomeko Birabwa from 2002 upto 2018.

The Fourth African Headteacehr was Ms. Dorothy Matovu from 2018 upto 2022

The Fifth Afircan Headteacher is Mrs. Nassozi Immaculate Lwanga from 2022 to date.