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Hundreds Treated at TRICONA Jubilee Camp

Hundreds Treated at TRICONA Jubilee Camp

As a gesture of appreciation for the support and goodwill of the neighbouring communities to their school, the medical alumni of Trinity College Nabbingo on Saturday hosted a medical camp for the residents of Nabbingo and the surrounding villages.

The day-long camp at Nabbingo Parish Health Center III, attracted over five hundred patients, who all received free treatment and medical advice. The patients were given treatment for sicknesses like fever, malaria and influenza. They were also screened of cervical cancer, HIV/AIDS and high-blood pressure. Several men were also circumcised for free.

Addressing the residents at the closure of the camp, the president of the Old Girls, Christine Ikiriya Sseppuya said that the camp was a philanthropic gesture of appreciation to the residents of Nabbingo for the invaluable support they had given to the school in the past 74 years.
lizabeth riyo a student of rinity ollege abbingo measures the height of askazia asujja hoto by atthias azinga Elizabeth Ariyo a student of Trinity College Nabbingo measures the height of Paskazia Kasujja. Photo by Matthias Mazinga

“This medical camp is one of the activities in the road map to the 75th anniversary of our school, which will happen on June 11, 2017. We found it right and just to give back to the people of the communities that neighbour our school because they have been part of us.

In the guerilla war of the 80s, when we were still students, we used to seek refuge in the homes of the residents of Nabbingo, whenever the soldiers attacked us. As cheeky young girls, we also used to steal jackfruit and sugar canes from the gardens. However, the people of Nabbingo did not react harshly to us. They knew that we were their adolescent children and so, they tolerated our mischievous character in a parental manner.”

The Chairperson of the Platinum Jubilee Preparations Committee, Dr. Cissy Nawavvu said that the medical camp was also a practical demonstration of the holistic education that the alumni of Trinity College Nabbingo got at the school.
r argaret annyonga from sambya ospital examines a boy hoto by atthias azinga Dr Margaret Nannyonga from Nsambya Hospital examines a boy. Photo by Matthias Mazinga

nurse measures the pressure of a lady hoto by atthias azinga A nurse measures the pressure of a lady. Photo by Matthias Mazinga

“Further to the academic knowledge, we were also formed in character. As medical alumni, we decided to demonstrate human solidarity by treating our less advantaged people for free” she said.

The head teacher of the College, Coltida Nakate Kikomeko called upon other alumni, scattered all over the world, to come back and make a contribution to the school, in their respective professions, as the school braces for its platinum jubilee.

She said that the alumni have a joint project, Trinity Junior School, towards which they can make financial contributions.

The medical camp was supported by partners like Span Medicare (Kisaasi), Joint Medical Stores, Quality Chemicals, Pace, Wide Spectrum Enterprises, Kampala Pharmaceutical Industries, Mukisa Pharmacy, Health Care Limited, Sino Africa, Kampala Institute of Science and Technology, Nakasero Blood Bank and Wakiso District Health Department.

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