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Trinity College Nabbingo 82 years celebration – Trinity Sunday 2024

Trinity College Nabbingo 82 years celebration – Trinity Sunday 2024

This year 2024 we had the immense honor of hosting the Prime Minister of Uganda Rt. Hon. Robina Nabbanja as our Chief Guest. Her presence made this milestone even more memorable to TRICONA family.

The celebrations commenced with the Prime Minister and the main celebrant Msgr. John Baptist Ssebayigga planting trees symbolizing growth, strength and a sustainable future. This act not only marked our 82 years anniversary but also reinforced our commitment to environmental conservation.

Following the tree planting, the Prime Minister officiated the construction of our new chapel to accommodate the increasing number of students. The new chapel which will be a sanctuary for reflection, spiritual growth and student gatherings. The occasion was blessed by the Main celebrant Msgr. John Baptist Ssebayigga.

The main celebrant taught about the most Holy Trinity which exemplifies perfect unity and relationship between God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit working harmoniously. By this, we are therefore called upon to foster unity and love within our communities. He further taught us about the importance of community, love and cooperation.

64 candidates received different sacraments by Msgr. John Baptist Ssebayigga and he also urged the congregation to practice the tritarian relationship of love and unity in their family relationships.

Nassozi Immaculate Lwanga (Mrs). the headteacher.

In her speech the headteacher celebrated the history and achievements of the school as reflected in the founders’ vision of educating neglected and vulnerable girls. She further informed that the college has empowered students through a balanced education that combines academic and life skills under the theme “Empowering Girls for Excellence through Skills and Character Formation“.

The college aligns with the new competency-based curriculum to produce graduates equipped for the labour market. The headteacher highlighted the leadership training provided to students, the significant contributions of past and present leaders and the improved academic performance evidenced by increased number of 1st grades and university admissions.

The speech also enlighted the growth and expansion of college’s infrastructure and programs as well as the student population of 2,018 students supported by 214 staff members. The college’s commitment to holistic development is showcased through various co-curricular activities such as sports, music and science projects. She also acknowledged best teaching, non-staff & Lubanga awardees of the year 2023 for their extra ordinally performance towards the college.

The headteacher expressed gratitude to the Archbishop, Board of Governors, PTA and all stakeholders for their support and guidance. She thanked guest of honor, the main celebrant and invited guests, for honoring the college invitation as they celebrated 82 years of producing morally upright, academically sound ladies of substance as she concluded her speech.

Headteacher giving her speech with some of Trinity College Nabbingo staff members.
Fr. Dr.  Joseph Mary Ssebunnya – Chairman BOG giving his speech alongside BOG members.

The chairperson board of governors Fr. Dr. Joseph Mary Ssebunnya in his speech emphasized the holistic education approach of TRICONA in which practical life skills and character formation are added to academic excellence. He commended the school for the excellent performance in the national examinations which he attributed to the teamwork of all stakeholders. He further highlighted a recent event where students arrived at a prom party in a helicopter, he stressed that the school’s goal is to teach students to “fly their own planes” symbolizing self-reliance and preparation for diverse career paths.

The emphasis on academic, spiritual, moral, social and human formation aligns with the school’s mission to produce well-rounded individuals ready to meet society’s demands as professionals and leaders.

He expressed gratitude to the administration, parents and alumni (TCNOGA) for their continued support and contribution. The alumni’s success in various fields and their role as mentors inspire current students to strive for excellence. He encouraged the students to make the most of their time at TRICONA and urged the finalists that as they prepare for their future endeavors, they should be confident that the school has equipped them well for life’s challenges.

Primer ministry Rt.Hon. Robina Nabbanja lifting her award given to her by the Board members of TRICONA
Prime Minister delivering her speech during celebration of Trinity Sunday.

The Prime Minister delivered an inspiring speech celebrating the accomplishments of our past, encouraging the students to continue striving for excellence and highlighting the importance of educating women as a cornerstone for societal progress. She told the girls to work and read hard for their future, learn to live within their means, and avoid risky social lifestyles that could lead them into picking HIV/AIDs. She said that “only one who is alive will enjoy fruits of their hard work”

She inspired girls to work hard and never give up, as she narrated her own story of a humble start; from being elected a District Councilor, later Deputy RDC, RDC, then MP, Commissioner of Parliament, State Minister of Health, and eventually to current position of Prime Minister. The Prime Minister donated 1,000 bags of cement towards the construction on new chapel and offered to remove asbestos roofings from the staff houses.

The celebration was crowned with a joyous cake cutting moment done by the Prime Minister, main celebrant, Board of governors, the headteacher, joined by her staff, and students.

This event was a testament to our enduring mission to nurture and empower women of substance. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Prime Minister for her support and inspiring words.

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