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Trinity College Nabbingo Old Students Association Animation of mass 2023.

Trinity College Nabbingo Old Students Association Animation of mass 2023.

Some of the Old girls who were at the college in between 60’s & 80’s after Mass

The main celebrant Rev. Fr. Dr. Nicholas Kiruma who is the education secretary of Kampala Archdiocese where giving homily called for the love of God in whatever is being done.

“I have a lot of hope in our education because we have what to offer to others. We believe in God and He leads us, we shall reach where we are heading,” he said.

Kiruma cited poverty as one of the major challenges leading to diversion of the learners from what is right, saying people’s background cannot determine their destiny.

Rev. Fr. Dr. Nicholas Kiruma who was the main celebrant giving homily during TCNOGA mass and Thanks giving
Guest of Honor: Our own Mrs. Joyce Nalunga member leadership Code Tribunal and and President Female Lawyer Network who was also an Old girl.

Mrs. Joyce Nalunga implored the girls not to involve themselves in sexual relationships before the right time. She emphasized the students and their learners to work towards becoming valuable women in life such that they can also attract value in life and the college.

Your marketability and value plus quality will only be enhanced by good education and a good career. Focus on bigger picture. When you don’t have grades, you are desperate because you fighting someone to redeem you,” she said.

She added on to advise the current students to work towards attaining their own properties as women other than waiting to fight for their parents’ properties. “Valuable women not only own values, but also own properties. So, work towards being valuable people in life so that you can enjoy life to the fullest,” she said.

Thanks Mrs. Joyce Nalunga for inspiring & motivating our young girls with your empowering words. Your passion, knowledge and experiences in the field of law have left a lasting impression and given them the confidence to pursue their dreams.

Lastly, The College is sending a huge shout-out and heartfelt thanks to generous alumni Trinity College Nabbingo Old Students Association – TCNOGA for gifting the chaplaincy with beautiful chasubles. Your support is deeply appreciated and will help us continue to provide spiritual guidance to our students. We are so grateful.

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