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Welcome to the TRICONA e-Learning Platform

Welcome to the TRICONA e-Learning Platform

We are pleased to announce the launch of the TRICONA elearning platform. This platform will help learners stay academically engaged during the lockdown. You can access this platform from anywhere as long as you have a device with internet connectivity. On this e-learning platform, you will be able to download notes and assignments, watch lesson videos and also attend virtual classes as scheduled by a teacher.

The TRICONA Elearning platform has 3 main sections i.e.

The E-library

In this section, you will find class notes, assignments, notices and related learning material grouped by class. Here you will be able to download to your device. To access the eLibrary, please click here.


The elearning section has been made to make it easy for you to watch lesson videos grouped by subject and level. You will also find assignments attached to some of the lessons. To access the elearning section, please click here.

Virtual Classroom

The virtual classroom section will give you the opportunity to remotely attend a live class with fellow students. Availability of a virtual class will depend on the timetable provided by the teacher. Links to the virtual classes will be provided as soon as one is scheduled.

TRICONA YouTube Channel

You may also visit our YouTube Channel where we have archived all the video lessons of all subjects for all classes. Don’t forget to subscribe in order to be alerted whenever a new video is uploaded.


Your feedback is important in making this platform better. Please click here to comment. You can also give your feedback through the class WhatsApp groups or send an email to


Rtn. Dorothy Matovu

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