Trinity College Nabbingo

Welcome to Trinity College Nabbingo


Be True



To be a highly sought-after secondary school for moulding all-round persons.


Mission Statement

To produce a focused, upright, academically sound, skilled, socially balanced and physically capable women to serve God and their country.


Institutional Objectives

·         To produce God fearing women.

·         To empower the young women to develop into citizens of high integrity and tranquility.

·         To assist the young women to develop a culture of love for knowledge and work.

·         To guide the young women to develop leadership skills and impetus to lead.

·         To assist the young women to develop a sense of belonging.


Core Values

The core values of the College are;

·         Love,

·         Integrity,

·         Excellence,

·         Justice

·         Peace.


1. Love

·         As a Catholic Founded school, Prayerfulness is very critical in exhibiting love for God and TRICONA family.

·         The stakeholders are expected to work with love, that is; a strong feeling of deep affection of the people we work with.

·         A strong affection and commitment for the different responsibilities the stakeholders are entrusted with.

·         Stakeholders are expected to exhibit teamwork and enjoy what they do in the Institution.

·         Customer care manifests love for the people we serve.


2. Integrity

·         Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

·         Stakeholders are expected to be conscious of the wrong and right.

·         With integrity stakeholders are called on to work in transparency and highly accountable with the resources entrusted to them.

·         Open dialogue and presenting effective critical appraisal manifests integrity.


3. Excellence

·         In all we do stakeholders are expected to be extremely good and thorough in any task assigned.

·         Build a reputation of outstanding performance regardless of time, quality and quantity of resources.

·         Excellence demands that there are SMART systems in place.

·         Perseverance is expected of the TRICONA family members if EXCELLENCE is to be attained.


4. Justice

·         With Justice as one of the institution’s core values, there is requirement of fair treatment and judgment of all people.

·         Respect for the code of conduct and rules and regulations is paramount.

·         Members of the TRICONA family should endeavor to perform to the best of their ability in order to do justice to the institution.


5. Peace

·         The state of living in harmony.

·         The state of being calm leads to peace amongst the stakeholders.

·         As a community we should indulge in open and positive talk.

·         Again as a community, prayer is critical in sustaining peace.